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The Digital Kiddo is a platform to upskill next generation with the prime focus on digital hygiene.

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What is Digital Kiddo ?

The Digital Kiddo is an interactive learning platform focused towards upskilling our next generation on the art of leveraging technology for a greater learning experience. We aim to achieve this by:

  • Creating awareness on Digital Hygiene and teaching best practices to be safe online.
  • Enhancing creativity, analytical and logical skills, through use of technology, thereby laying foundation to excel as future leaders.

Benefits of joining

  • Educate kids to be safe in the Cyber Space
  • Opportunity to interact/network & work with kids across India.
  • Enhance the ability to think out side the box.
  • Learn with fun.

Digital Hygiene

Being digital is more of a need than a trend these days. With online education and games, our kid’s exposure to digital world is much faster than the spread of the pandemic. Going digital comes with its own challenges. Cyber criminals have their eyes on mistakes our unaware kids can make. Online frauds, Hacking, Cyber Bullying, Stalking are just few of the crimes our kids can fall victim to.

Like it is necessary to learn about the traffic rules before one starts driving, in the same manner one should be aware of the risks of the internet before starting their digital journey.

The Digital Kiddo launches a first of its kind initiative to educate your child on basic digital hygiene. Our free 1 hour workshop teaches your child (Age 7 - 12 Years) the do’s and don’ts of the digital world.

What Our Visitors Say!

  • I had enrolled my son Daksh for the Digital Hygiene session featured by The Digital Kiddo. It is the first entire session that he has attended till date. He leaves the sessions midway if they are not interesting. He is happy and ready to attend more sessions conducted by The Digital Kiddo. I personally feel that our kids must be aware of security measures that need to be taken care of in digital world which is a necessity in today's time. I would recommend The Digital Kiddo as a great platform to educate our kids in the field of Digital Hygiene and emerging technologies. .

    • Rama(Parent)

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